Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Exciting Changes...

There are some very exciting things that have been happening for us this week. We CANNOT wait to share the news with all of you...

But it will have to wait until Friday!

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Talk to you all on Friday!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Paris Street Market: June 2015

Where does the time go? We haven't recapped the June show!!

The day started off a bit cloudy and overcast. As we were unpacking, it was actually a comfortable temperature. We had a better system for the "unload" portion this year, so it all seemed to go smoother. We were set up sooner than last year and we actually had time to take a few more pictures of the booth before shoppers came and picked their items.

Paris Street Market

We had a big white section this year. Karli had picked up this old desk earlier in the year and it served as a focal point for one section. The white and gray chairs above were the very first items to be sold (at 7:30 am---before the show even opened). We always take bets on what will go first. Neither of us guessed that one. We were happy to see them go to someone who loved them!

Furniture Booth Display

Along the back we placed a few more primitive and industrial item as well as the wine lamp that Dwight built. So many people stopped by to check it out.

Paris Street Market, Colorado
The other side of the booth was filled with black furniture and some of our colorful items. This side also featured some of the kitchen items we'd been gathering.

 We took our customary selfie before the crowds got too big. It was still cloudy until about 9:00 am.

Paris Street Market Vendors

We had a steady crowd from about 8:30 until 11:00. Around 11:00 it got pretty warm, but there were dark clouds building above. Around 1:00 the rain came. So we pulled everything we could under the tent. At that point the crowds really started to dwindle.

The sun came back out at 1:30, but the crowds didn't really follow suit.

We had so much fun seeing all our customers (many repeats from last year who remembered us) and meeting new fans. While the June show wasn't as successful as last year's August show, we still had a great time!

See you again in September!!

Kandy and Karli

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Shades of Gray (Painted Furniture)

Karli and I love our gray furniture and evidently so do our customers.  Every time we bring gray pieces to our shows, they seem to go early so it only makes sense that my two newest old pieces get a shade of gray as well.

The chair is vintage and really quite comfortable.  Here it is as found.  It must have been used in a library with the "book" upholstery.


This walnut desk had belonged to one of Karli's friends.  It is extremely well built and sturdy.  The brass hardware is all original.  It was made by the Myrtle Desk Company in 1928.  Here are some "before" photos.

Original Brass Hardware

Dovetail Drawers

Turned Legs
After some gray paint, a completely different look.....

The chair got reupholstered with some khaki linen fabric for an "Restoration Hardware" look.  I think the desk and chair make a great pair.

Maybe I'll just keep these at my house.

Still painting,