Friday, July 12, 2013

The Power of White Paint

We were just having a conversation this afternoon about how many white interior paint schemes we've been seeing. The perfect crisp white paint looks clean and serene. And the immediate bonus: any color you choose to use in that room will automatically pop.

Here are some of the examples we've found on Pinterest lately. (Consider following Karli or Kandy on Pinterest to see what's inspiring us.)

Because the wall is white, the headboard almost creates a "frame" for the bedding. Even though the rug, furniture and bedding are dark colors, the room still feels bright! Source

This living room feels comfortable and cozy, yet fresh and clean. Those windows are amazing, right? Source

Sensing a common denominator here? Blue seems to go so well with crisp white. Colors in nature! Also notice how the artwork and frames just bounce off the wall. What a great way to make the pictures and artwork you've chosen really shine!  Source
This is actually from a blog Karli started following for hair inspiration. The jewelry display draws the eye in. You notice every detail like its in high def. Look at the sequins on that pillow. Source

Wow. So simple, yet so impactful. There is actually very little going on here, but each item is bold against the white background. (Those black doors keep showing up!) Source

Hopefully this has inspired you to consider a bright, clean white as one of your next "colors" in a room.

~Kandy and Karli

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