About Kindred Style Design Duo

The Kindred Style blog was born on a chilly day in December 2012 when Kandy and Karli were having one of their frequent phone conversations. The mother-daughter duo had often thought it would be an incredible blessing to be able to work together, in some capacity, even though they were separated by a four hour drive. After brainstorms and many "what if?" daydreams, the idea for joining forces online became a reality.

The Kindred Style name seems more than fitting since they share the letter "K", are the best of friends, and are like-minded in style even though they do have different tastes.  What fun to collaborate for this online effort, sharing their unique sense of style (mostly decor with a little food and fashion in the mix) with friends and family!

Kandy has always been "green," even before it was in style...repainting, repurposing, restoring, reupholstering, reusing, and reimagining whatever she found. She started as a woodworker, creating seasonal country crafts back when Karli was little, allowing her to work from home. With the passing of that era, she took up refinishing and restoring furniture which naturally lead to buying and selling antiques. After earning her interior decorating certificate, she worked for a home design business. She currently works directly with homeowners in southern Colorado and continues to restore furniture and sell antiques. Her own home is never finished and Karli's home is also a work in progress.  

Karli's earliest memories include watching her mom paint and rearrange furniture in their home. She attended Colorado State University where she earned her degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising and went on to work for Neiman Marcus for a brief time. After learning that the retail world was not her cup of tea, she pursued her career in Public Relations all the while enjoying experimenting with food and her own personal style. It wasn't until she purchased her first home that she realized her mom's knack for design and decor had worn off on her more than she orginally thought.

This blog represents more than just a place to see "style." At its core, it is meant to inspire creativity and build confidence in anyone who thinks they don't have the time, money or natural ability to be stylish. Kandy and Karli will show you how you can make the most out of what you've got while creating your own sense of style.  


  1. OK! I graduated from CSU, too. But it was a long, long time ago!

    1. I also see from your blog, that you're on the south side of town too! Small world!!