Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kandy's First Closet Door Makeover

My closet project began simply enough...a makeover for the 1970's bifold closet doors in the guest bedroom (Karli's old room that I decorated Black and White French Country). It quickly spiralled out of control and I found myself repainting the entire room: the trim, the baseboards, the walls, the ceiling, and oh yeah, those closet doors.

Here is what started the whole thing...the stained hollow-core bifold doors.

After removing the bifold doors, I primed and painted all the woodwork around the closet in Sherwin Williams Extra White. I had some old louvered doors in the garage (I used these as dividers at the Antique Store) so I brought them in to see which I liked or white.

I knew I wanted to add a little charm to the old bifold doors. I decided applying some wood trim would be just the solution, so off to the lumber yard with measurements in hand. I wanted the finished frame on each to measure 9 3/4 "  x   54". I bought four pieces, each 12 feet long and had the lumber yard cut each one in half (6') so I could fit them in my vehicle. 

My husband loves to get involved with projects like this so I had help. We used both saws, the radial arm and the miter box to cut the angles on our trim pieces.
This radial arm saw was a Christmas present one year.
We also used the miter box to make our cuts.

Remember to be consistent in measuring the longest point to make your 45 degree angle.
We created a stop (wood block clamped on our saw) to make sure all of our repeating cut lengths remained the same. We had 8 long lengths and 8 short lengths for the 4 doors. 

I lightly sanded the closet doors and all trim pieces as well. Then it was a matter of gluing all the trim on (and clamping them in place until dry). We used wood glue at first, but it was taking too long to dry so we changed to Liquid Nails and got along quicker. The pieces didn't slide around as much either.
Work in progress as the trim is applied (keep measuring and stay square)

After the trim pieces were all attached and dry, I filled in with putty where needed (filling in any angle boo boos). I then primed the doors, followed by a coat of the final color decision (black!). I had some antique glass door knobs that I had always wanted to use and these doors were just screaming for a little "bling." Of course the glass knobs had old paint on them so I had to remove that first (paint stripper, steel wool, and elbow grease).
The antique glass knobs were perfect.
This hook hangs by the closet and compliments the glass knobs...continuing the "bling."

Rehanging these doors is always a 2-man job and then you usually have to touch up your paint...just like I did. But, finally rehung...viola!!!!
The finished closet doors.

I am happy with the way this project turned out, in fact, so happy that I am continuing.  Did I mention that I have three more sets of these closet doors in my home? Oh my!!


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  1. what type of molding is that, does it have a name??