Kandy's House Tour

After almost a year of blogging, we've gathered pictures in nearly every room of our house. Welcome to my virtual home tour.

As you enter our home, you walk into our entry way, where my Eastlake Dresser dons seasonal d├ęcor.

From there you can turn left and enter our den or head up the stairs to the living room. Our living room is ever-changing because I can't seem to leave the furniture arrangement alone for too long.

(Picture coming soon)

Our kitchen and dining room are just beyond the living room.

We spend a lot of time on our back porch, which is just off the dining room.

Then you head upstairs to the bedrooms.


First you see a bathroom.


Ahead of you is our master bedroom. (More to come here as I finally finish this room!)

Karli's old bedroom is now a guest room.

Then you have the second guest room, or as we call it, the day bed room (since it has a day bed in it).

I've enjoyed sharing our home with you. Things are always changing around here, so there will be pictures often.


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