Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stitch Fix #8

I received my most recent Stitch Fix package yesterday. I asked for business attire that I could easily wear to work, but I also wanted items that could be worn with jeans for a semi-casual look too. My stylist delivered!

If you follow me on Instagram you saw a sneak peek in my box...

Here's a recap of the items in my box and what I ended up keeping.

This top was the first thing I saw and I thought "Oh I love the color and the pattern." It fit well, but the high round neck is one that doesn't look good on me. The material the front of the top was made of was also sort of odd. It reminded me of something my step-grandmother used to wear. I sent this back.


This was the second top in the box. The color was gorgeous...a rich teal that wasn't too turquoise or blue or green. I also loved the cut and style of this. Sadly it was too tight across my chest. I just couldn't keep it.

I loved this blazer the moment I touched it. The material is a lovely weave that's stretchy but not as flimsy as jersey. It fits perfectly and can easily be dressed up or down. It was the most expensive item in my box, but I can imagine getting a ton of use out of this, so I kept it.


This was the item I was the most excited about!! I LOVE the ruffles in the back. Sadly, it was really small. It didn't come close to meeting over my chest. I loved this so much that I tried to get one of my co-workers to take it. In the end, I had to send this back. I thought I would find it online and buy the size larger. Turns out this is a StitchFix owned brand, so you can't buy it elsewhere. (sad face)

(Sorry for the terrible picture of these black slacks.)

I knew when I pulled these out of the box that they were entirely too small. Granted, the material was a bit stretchy, but there was no zipper or elastic to put these on. I tried just to humor myself, but they weren't going on. They went back.

Everything I got was a size large and each item ranged greatly in actual fit. Crazy how that happens.

So all in all, I only kept one item, but I LOVE it and it made the whole process very worthwhile.

If you want to know more about StitchFix, check out my previous post here. And if you decide you want to try it out, I'd love it if you use my referral code. Sharing is caring.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Shop Your Closet 1.18.15

I love Instagram. I've found so many great fashion and style bloggers to follow. One of them was posting pictures of outfits that she was "re-styling" as part of a #ShopYourCloset2015 challenge.

I figured I could join in, with an added twist. I'm going to take an item from my closet and style it four different ways. This way I can stretch the use of each item I invest in.

For this post, I just set out two separate outfits, which I'm planning to take with me to our Annual Convention in San Antonio. I'll be around all my favorite cowboys, cowgirls and ranchers, so what better time to rock the boots?!

I love this army green jacket. I wear it A LOT! I've found it to be very versatile and its seen me through several different sizes. I can wear it loose and open or belted and buttoned. I think I bought it at K-Mart when I was in college. You guys, that was 12 years ago now. If that's not a classic piece, I don't know what is!

The shirt underneath is a purchase I made this year. I found it at TJ Maxx. The sleeves are capped, which look terrible on me, so I always have to wear something under or over it. But the beading on the neckline is beautiful!

Since there is so much going on with the neckline, I'll add some fairly simple earrings, but I'll bling it up with stacked bracelets and fun rings.

Jacket (Similar), Shirt (Similar), Skirt (Piperlime Similar), Boots (Ariat similar), Earrings (Stella & Dot discontinued), Chevron Ring (Stella & Dot), Large Silver Ring (Silpada), Simple Silver Bangle (a gift), Renegade Stretch Bracelet (Stella & Dot), Chain Bracelet (Loren Hope), Black Leather Wrap Bracelet (Similar)

The next outfit is less cowgirl, but still borders on casual/dressy. I may set it aside for a dinner out with our team during the convention.

I bought these eggplant jeans on a whim and I've gotten so much use out of them. Surprisingly this color goes with so many items in my closet. They are skinnies, which I like to roll up and pair with this season's "it" booties.

Because this sort of neckline is not the most flattering on me, I need to add long pendant necklaces like this great one from Stella & Dot. It elongates my upper body in just the right way.

Sweater with Shirttail (StitchFix), Jeans (KUT from Nordstrom Rack), Boots (DSW last year), Earrings (Stella & Dot discontinued), Rebel Pendant (Stella & Dot), Renegade Stretch Bracelet (Stella & Dot), Chain Bracelet (Loren Hope), Vintage Crystal Bracelet (Stella & Dot)

I'll share my "Shop Your Closet 2015" outfits in upcoming posts.

I hope you all had a great weekend. And if you need to do a little bit of Stella & Dot shopping, you can take part in my Mystery Hostess Online Trunk Show. For every $25 you spend, you'll get an entry into the drawing to win all of the hostess rewards (usually about $250!!)


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Stella & Dot Announcement

You may remember me talking about hosting a Stella & Dot party last spring. I've purchased a handbag, numerous earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and more over the past four years. I'm happy to say that each and every piece has held up and is still in my rotation.

After my stylist moved to Louisiana, I was left with the desire to see the new pieces without an easy way to do so. I knew my friends (Sarah, Susan and Michelle I'm looking at you!) would be in the same boat. So being the problem solver I am, I decided it was time to put all this passion and my purchases to use. I'm officially a Stella & Dot Stylist! Trust me, you're welcome!

Between all the great items already in my collection and a few new purchases I've just made, I'll be up and running soon--ready to show everything off in mid-January. If you want to get your hands on anything, browse the catalog with me, explore my website in your pj's or even host a trunk party (hello, hostess rewards!) I'm here for you.

Here are a few of my favorites to whet your appetite. All images are courtesy of Stella & Dot.

My sister in law, Caren, purchased these earrings and she loves them. They look so great on her!

I have these fun citron drops and I get compliments on them every time I wear them. So fun!


I bought this ring on a whim and I love it so much that I wear it at least four times a week. It is simple with a fun twist!

I just ordered this ring and I can't wait for it to arrive. This shows the funky, edgy side that I love from Stella & Dot. They make classic pieces to wear every day as well as statement pieces for special occasions.

This is another bracelet that I personally own. I wear it much more often than I first imagined. I love that its a bit "rough" but the metal is classic and it blends well with many of my other pieces. I usually layer it with a few additional bracelets.


My friend Michelle owns this necklace in the gold version. Every time I see her wear it, I feel a pang of jealously that I didn't order it myself. Check out how many ways you can wear this thing! So versatile!

And my favorite new piece is a real showstopper. Like the necklace above, you can wear this at least five different ways. I love longer necklaces, so this is perfect for me, but you can also wear it short, peeking out of the professional button up shirt.

If you have any questions about the products or if you want to see it in person, just shout! Odds are I'll be wearing something the next time you see me anyway.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Searching for Family Room Furniture

My husband loves leather. He loves big recliners. I prefer stylish chairs and upholstery. What's a family to do?!

A couple years ago we upgraded from Brent's hand-me-down sofa and loveseat. The pic below is how we had this set up when we moved in in 2012.

I had my heart set on a sectional for our long narrow space. We ended up with a lovely gray two piece from Macy's. We special ordered it to be extra long. I love it because the whole family (me, Brent and the dog) can all stretch out on it! The pic below is a smaller version of our current sectional.

But Brent still has his heart set on a recliner and I decided I didn't love the chaise in our space. We all make design mistakes, right? I remember my mom's big curtain mistake...this was mine. I didn't think it through very well. So now, the big gray sectional is for sale on Craigslist and we started the hunt for replacements.

Because our room is a bit narrow but long, I think we'll have room to do this:

I used the Room Planner from Ballard Designs. I love the easy-to-use tool when I need to space plan.

We spent a couple weeks driving from store to store, reading other blogs who experienced the same search, and we sat in LOTS of sofas and chairs.

We had almost settled on a deep sofa from Arhaus based on Thrifty D├ęcor Chick's experience, but then we remembered Ethan Allen. Boy I'm glad we stopped in. We found the Retreat sofa to be the perfect fit for both of us and we could upholster it in a perfect Pewter gray fabric that looks great with our paint.

Then we started looking for leather recliners. UGH!!! Why do recliners have to be either a) stylish and stiff or b) ugly but pillowy?!

Store after store. It was the ultimate Goldilocks tale. And then we found it. When we sat and both of us murmured "ahhh," I knew it was the one.

We're skipping the nailheads and we're getting it in a yummy caramel leather called Dorado Toast:

Now we wait 8-12 weeks. And just as I've been writing this post, I think I've sold our sectional. So we'll be sitting in miscellaneous chairs for the time being. Actually what we should be doing is working out instead of sitting...Maybe this whole debacle will accomplish several things.

Until next time,