Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday Shed Dreams

I blame my mom for this. Early this morning she sent me a pin from Pinterest of this...

Now all I can think about is spring time and the fun plans we have for our beloved backyard.

First thing we want to do is get a shed. We really need to utilize the space in our garage more efficiently and right now lawn and garden tools (like the mower) are eating up precious space.

Here are a few inspirations I gathered on Pinterest this morning.

If we're dreaming big, I'd really love to be able to have a small greenhouse area within the shed for spring seedlings.


The area of the yard where we're thinking about putting the shed is near the back of our brick fireplace. I think it might be fun to make it a secondary sitting area...maybe a little outdoor fire pit built around the back of the chimney??

If we're being more realistic, then I bet we'll end up with something a bit more like these two. They are functional with just enough style. We can paint them to match the house and get some similar shingles. I really love the windows on each of these options. (Though I bet that will add cost, so who knows if we'll actually have the funds for that.)

Source unknown
Source unknown
And finally, I found this great source for information about the foundation. I think if we pour a concrete pad, then we have to get a permit and more approvals from the city. However, if we level and build a foundation like this one, I think we can avoid the permits.

Love this site for tips! Source 
More to come later in the spring!


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  1. I love our backyard shed--it was built by the previous owner of our house 50 years ago and is still standing! So practical.