Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Blessings: A Home Tour

WELCOME TO FALL AT OUR HOME.  I love this time of year. 

I have already taken all of my "faux" pumpkins to Church to decorate for our Harvest Home Celebration this weekend, so the front door area looks a little empty.  I can't put out real pumpkins.  It is already getting well below freezing at night and then heating up during the day. (That can make for a real pumpkiny mess!)  But, some fall décor is still in order.  A wreath, some hardy left-over flowers, and a new message on the chalkboard will let all guests know that we welcome them and  the Fall Season.

Inside, in the entry, I placed the dried stems from my daylilies in a black urn and added some gourds in their natural state.  The daylily stems look a little like leopard and I think they are really cool.  This look is earthy and organic and not what you might expect.

At our house Fall also means that the wood must all be neatly stacked.  We burn wood to heat our home so it takes a lot.  I actually love to just look at the stacks.  I think they're beautiful, but they do represent a lot of work.  As Hubby says, you get "heated up" several times when you burn wood.

Then there are all those leaves.  So lovely to look at, but once again, work.

And so it goes, to everything there is a season.
Fall Blessings from our Home to Yours,


  1. Love your decor Kandy! I have no decorating style at all - if you were walk into my house, you'd describe it as "early miscellaneous!"

  2. Biz, I just answered an e-mail from a Church friend who asked me to do just that.....walk into her house and help her display the china in her hutch. She also wants advise on how to refinish an old dresser. If you lived closer, I would be happy to "walk into your house" too!! I'm sure it is as delightful as you. Kandy