Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Simple White Hutch

I should have known. Calling something "simple" in my mind, in my inventory system and to my family is the kiss of death.

I found a lovely, "simple" hutch a few months ago. It was obviously handmade. It had clean lines with a cute little curved board at the top. I was just sure this would be a great makeover!

The back had a handwritten note stating that it had been "lovingly refinished by XXX in 1994." That loving refinish was an orangish brown stain with a few drips in places. The loving refinish also included adding mirrors to the backboard of the top shelves. Oh, and new shiny brass hardware.

Maybe that was showing the piece TLC back in 1994, but today it called for paint! Also, the mirror had cracked at some point, so I was sure I could just smack it with a hammer and get all the pieces out. And the hardware---I'd reuse the ugly brass and simply paint it black.

Here's where my simple plan for a simple piece went downhill.

First, the mirror wouldn't shatter and I could NOT get it out! Next, I painted the hardware and put all the doors back in the exact same holes. But the doors weren't aligned and they wouldn't close!

This is where teamwork comes in handy. Mom and Dad were in town, so we put Dad to work on the alignment problem while Mom and I brainstormed how to handle the backboard.

After a few months, I'm happy to say I JUST finished this piece. I will be renaming it in my inventory list and on its price tag. It will now be "Shabby White Hutch."

The final hutch with a sweet gray and white trellis backboard.

I love how the pattern looks through the glass.

The reused hardware turned out great! It looks a bit old and worn.

I can just imagine sterling silver serving pieces, white ironstone dishes and wood bowls stacked in this hutch!
I'll be dropping this off at Unlisted in the next week!

Have a great week,


  1. It turned out just comparison to what it looked like before. I think it should be named "Adorable White Cottage Hutch."

  2. I love how that turned out Karli!! You are so talented :D