Sunday, June 8, 2014

An Estate Sale Dining Chair Journey

In my excitement to secure more items for the market, I've been hitting up estate and garage sales when I can. As I was laying in bed the other night, I checked out the sales for the upcoming weekend. One really caught my eye. It was in a nice part of town (meaning people usually had quality things) and a few of the items looked great in the preview pictures.

I could barely contain myself as I was driving to the sale. I'd missed out on some cool chairs at my last sale, so I was itching for the set I saw in the pictures.

I made a beeline to the chairs in the house, checked that they were solid and that I could easily get the seats off to reupholster. Check, Check. Immediately I told the sales people I wanted them. Lesson learned from last time.

I felt like I won.

Weird side note: Then I went into the garage to scope out the smalls. I found a box full of items from my old job... I'm not kidding. There were items in this box that only one of my co-workers would have had. I know the woman that hired me passed away within the last year and her husband loved golf (there was lots of golf stuff there too). I asked around and no one knew the name of the people who were selling all their stuff, so I'm going to assume that I now own the chairs of my late co-worker. It makes them more special. She was a lovely woman.

But they still need recovered. I have no blue in my house.

So the journey began, to find the right upholstery fabric.

As I began my hunt for the right fabric, mom was also working on my new "old" dining table---also in white. What a perfect match these would be!!!

Or so we thought. Stay tuned to see how they turned out...


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  1. How weird is that that you were at your late co-workers estate sale? Small world. Blue is my favorite color, so I would have kept that color - can't wait to see how they turn out though!