Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Engagement Party for the Future Weber's

Call me the matchmaker...

A few years ago I decided I wanted to set up one of Brent's best friends, Jeremy. And I don't want to give anything away, but by the title of this post, I think you have a pretty good guess how this ends.

I knew the right girl for him would have to exhibit certain unique qualities. She needed to be active, up for anything, easygoing and kind. She needed to be a loyal friend, understanding and compassionate. She had to be as beautiful inside as she was out. Most of all she had to have a passion for life and a contagious laugh.

I found that girl in my friend Tara's sister, Alise. I knew right off the bat that Jeremy would find her attractive---I mean come on. She's got big blue eyes, long thick blonde hair and an athletic petite body.

Fast forward a few years later and they're engaged! I couldn't be more excited for them. They seem to make one another so extremely happy. They build one another up and lift each other's spirits.

So this all called for a party!

Address and phone number blurred out on the image--I promise I didn't send out invitations with smudges on them :)

We sent out invitations---real paper invitations. I wanted it to feel special for all the guests that Alise and Jeremy chose.

For appetizers I made simple caprese skewers, prosciutto wrapped melon and these little bites...
I was inspired by some apple onion jam my friend Shelley gave me for Christmas. So I added a bit of goat cheese and a sliver of pear atop a simple cracker.


As always, my philosophy is that simple food is usually the most appealing and delicious. Caprese skewers could not be any easier to assemble.

The tables were set simply as well, with a mix of cloth napkins, our white plates and silver utensils. Because of the number of guests, I squeezed two dining tables into the room...with seating for 15. It was cozy but I think it worked fine.

We decided on one signature drink for the evening---sangria! Since the theme of the food was Italian, I wanted something that sort of went along. It was a HUGE hit and I plan to make it more often. We probably could have used two of these! 

Brent and our friend Tom enjoyed a few glasses in the backyard as the guys played cornhole. The girls stayed inside and shared funny stories around the dining table.

For dinner I made two different kinds of lasagna, salad and breadsticks. We were so busy having fun that I didn't take pics. Same story for dessert which included two different kinds of Salted Caramel Gelato Pie (one was coffee and one was vanilla).


Look at this sweet couple! They bless us with their friendship and kind hearts. This was the very least we could do for them.

But secretly I do love that I can say I set them up on a blind date :)

Love and blessings,


  1. Karli, you hosted an amazing party! The food was delicious! I laughed so hard while sharing stories with all the girls, especially when Tara almost fell off her chair! And as Jeremy would say, thanks so much for making magic! But really, I am so grateful for both your friendship and your smart match making. Great work! Love you, Alise

    1. We love you, sweet friend. I'm still laughing about Tara and the chair too!

  2. You had me at goat cheese and pear crackers!! They do look happy, and so excited that you made a special night for them - you've got some cooking skillz girl! (although I secretly wanted to see pics of the lasagna and salted caramel gelato pies!)

    1. Biz, those crackers had an onion jam on them... although I didn't taste onion. Maybe you'd find that you can tolerate onions in rings AND jam :)

  3. Shelley JJuly 04, 2014

    Your food photos look amazing, Karli! (The food looked good, too!) I left some fun napkins on your desk for your next party. One of the best parts of summer is entertaining and you do it so beautifully.

    1. Thanks Shelley. I'm still working on my food photos. I need to ask Biz for some tips. I can't wait to see the napkins--you are always so kind and thoughtful!