Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stitch Fix #8

I received my most recent Stitch Fix package yesterday. I asked for business attire that I could easily wear to work, but I also wanted items that could be worn with jeans for a semi-casual look too. My stylist delivered!

If you follow me on Instagram you saw a sneak peek in my box...

Here's a recap of the items in my box and what I ended up keeping.

This top was the first thing I saw and I thought "Oh I love the color and the pattern." It fit well, but the high round neck is one that doesn't look good on me. The material the front of the top was made of was also sort of odd. It reminded me of something my step-grandmother used to wear. I sent this back.


This was the second top in the box. The color was gorgeous...a rich teal that wasn't too turquoise or blue or green. I also loved the cut and style of this. Sadly it was too tight across my chest. I just couldn't keep it.

I loved this blazer the moment I touched it. The material is a lovely weave that's stretchy but not as flimsy as jersey. It fits perfectly and can easily be dressed up or down. It was the most expensive item in my box, but I can imagine getting a ton of use out of this, so I kept it.


This was the item I was the most excited about!! I LOVE the ruffles in the back. Sadly, it was really small. It didn't come close to meeting over my chest. I loved this so much that I tried to get one of my co-workers to take it. In the end, I had to send this back. I thought I would find it online and buy the size larger. Turns out this is a StitchFix owned brand, so you can't buy it elsewhere. (sad face)

(Sorry for the terrible picture of these black slacks.)

I knew when I pulled these out of the box that they were entirely too small. Granted, the material was a bit stretchy, but there was no zipper or elastic to put these on. I tried just to humor myself, but they weren't going on. They went back.

Everything I got was a size large and each item ranged greatly in actual fit. Crazy how that happens.

So all in all, I only kept one item, but I LOVE it and it made the whole process very worthwhile.

If you want to know more about StitchFix, check out my previous post here. And if you decide you want to try it out, I'd love it if you use my referral code. Sharing is caring.

Have a great weekend ahead!


  1. I cannot wait to try this out at some point! I love the concept and would love to see what they pick out! Great post my friend!

  2. Just face it Karli - your boobs are too big! At least you got one thing! Happy Friday!

  3. NOOOO! That ruffle jacket :(