Sunday, February 8, 2015

Master Bathroom Renovation Update

I told you back in November about our plans to renovate our master bathroom.

Our contractor started on the project January 28th and they have made GREAT progress. It was so wonderful to see the demo stage! We had already pulled out the carpet and mirror, etc. But they got to tear down that silly wall!!

Look at the difference already! Let there be light...and SPACE.

Then it seemed to slow down a bit while they worked on rerouting plumbing, building a new wall and moving electrical. But now all that is done....


So this week they're starting all the tile work and before you know it, I'll be soaking in that slipper tub.
In the meantime I've been admiring the tile we picked and we had a blast exploring an architectural salvage warehouse where we found a special 1923 oak door from the Denver School Administration Building. It will be hung on barn door tracks as you enter the bathroom.


The process really has gone smoothly, with no major surprises. We're really happy with our contractor and the input they've provided.

The next images I show you will likely be the end result!


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