Monday, April 22, 2013

Front Porch Chairs--Change of Plan

I reserve the right to change my mind.

I've been on the hunt for new seating for our front porch. It's a narrow slab of concrete, but it's long. I knew it would have to be a bench or two chairs placed side by side.

Since I'm getting a fabulous custom bench made from a "found" headboard as a birthday present (Mom and Dad are making this for me and I can't wait!) I decided to go with chairs.

So I had my mind set on two white rocking chairs like this...

 White Slat Patio Rocking Chair
Source: Home Depot
Cute, right? They'll go perfectly with our soon-to-be white trim. The problem was that:
a) I couldn't find them in white to sit in and "sample"
b) Even the ones we found in colors were uncomfortable once we sat in them

On Saturday night Brent and I walked into CostPlus to see what they had and we saw this beauty.

Plantation Chair from CostPlus.

Totally not white. Totally not a rocker. Totally comfortable and fabulous!

End of story. Two of them are now sitting on our front porch and they'll look even better once the exterior paint is done. Then I plan to add some accent pillows the same color as the front door. Anyone care to guess what color that will be?


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