Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Stylish Wardrobe Staples

The items I consider staples in my wardrobe might be a little different than some of you, but it struck me today how important these items are. I recently wore out my favorite shoes, found a hole in my black tank top and realized just how many things a good blazer goes with.

So here's a round up of the items I find myself wearing over and over again to create my sense of style.

1. Leopard flats
Now I know you may be thinking "Really, Karli? This is your number one item?" Yes, yes it is. I'm on my third pair if that tells you how often I wear leopard shoes. I find them very versatile, almost a neutral, and they give my outfits just the right amount of "funky." 
Product Image
I found these at Nordstrom Rack on sale! Hooray!

2. Colored tanks
I wear tank tops under lots of things...including my #3 item. Under cardigans, under deep v-neck shirts, or alone...these things are easy and versatile!
I usually get a variety of colors from Target.

3. Stretchy one or two button blazers
The reason I specify "stretchy" is because I find that I don't feel as restricted if the material is a softer, less stiff, fabric. I wear blazers with jeans and dress slacks. I wear them with skirts and I also put them on over dresses that might be too bare for work. I have so many colors, but I get the most use out of black, teal, gray jersey and gray pinstripe.
My friend Angie turned me on to Olivia Moon blazers from Nordstrom. I love the rouched sleeves--since I always want to push long sleeves up, these work perfect for me.
 4. Scarves
I would be embarrassed if I actually counted the number of scarves I own. I find that I can wear something rather plain, like a black dress, and easily switch it up with a scarf. Given that I look best in brighter jewel tones, the ones I wear the most are green, purple and orange/coral. Mom got me a great leopard scarf that I've worn a lot too (but not with my leopard flats---that's too matchy for me).

I don't own this scarf, but man I love it!
 5. Jeans
I love jeans. I wish I could wear them to work every day. I love that you can easily dress them up or down. I feel like I really could get by with just two pairs. One needs to be a dark wash, bootcut, long enough to wear with, well boots. The other pair needs to be a skinny jean to wear with flats, sandals or tucked into tall boots with a looser top. Easy.

My favorite bootcut jeans are from Lucky and Seven.

I also have Lucky skinny jeans
I just realized that the little shopping trip I had to the discount store today is helping me acheive my style resolutions for the year. How cool?!

What are the staples in your wardrobe?


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