Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Karli's Style Resolutions for 2013

I can kill hours looking at magazines and Pinterest. I love daydreaming about future projects and getting new ideas for my current plans. In honor of New Year's Resolutions, I've made a list of things I'd like to accomplish style-wise.

1. Create a comfortable and organized home office
We've already started this project (you can see a before picture here) with newly laid laminate floors. We need to finish the baseboards and then the furniture can be moved back in. Here are a couple of my inspirations for this space.

Image found on

2. Makeover the exterior of our house
The exterior paint, windows and landscaping have been on our list since the day we saw the house. In a few short weeks our new windows are being installed (YIPPEE) and this spring we'll paint and probably get rid of some overgrown landscaping. Overall, a goal for 2013 is making our house as inviting on the outside as we've made it on the inside. I love brightly colored doors as you might remember from my old house so that will definetely make the cut.

3. Continue to define my personal style
I chopped off all my hair in late 2012 and I've never felt more "myself." Why did I wait so long? Its funny how a simple hair cut can give you a totally new perspective about your personal style. After reading a friend's copy of What You Wear Can Change Your Life, I want to focus on clothing and accessories that really make the most of my body type, complexion and lifestyle.

I think I look best in jewel tones. I completely enjoy wearing dresses and statement necklaces or earrings. This image captures my idea of a nearly perfect outfit with style. 

Have you made home improvement, design or style related goals for 2013?


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