Sunday, May 12, 2013

Front Porch Bench from Headboard (Birthday Bench)

Karli actually started this project by finding an old wood headboard, just down the street from where she lives.  It was FREE.  But, before picking it up, she called me and asked whether we could use it.  The answer was, "of course, we can always make something out of it!" 

Well she decided she'd like a bench for her front porch, so Dwight and I hauled the headboard to our house and started to work.  Our plan for the bench consisted of reusing 4 spindle legs that had been Brent's, (they came off of a coffee table he longer wanted when they first got married.)  I had saved them.  Now we'll reuse them on this project and give them back.  Since Karli's birthday just happened, this bench will be the perfect gift.
Here is what we started with.....the FREE headboard and the 4 spindle legs.
We purchased 1 x 4 pine boards to build the framework and top of the bench seat.  We cut the boards to fit within the dimensions of the 54" headboard and also cut small corner pieces (with 45 degree angles on the ends) to join the frame to the legs.
You can see the angle pieces we cut. A bolt joins the framework to the legs.
The framework with all 4 legs attached.

The headboard then gets attached to the frame and braced.
Front view with headboard on.
We did not want screws showing on the top side of the seat where we attached the boards.  So, we cut square stock, attached them to the framework, then screwed the boards on from underneath.
This shows the underneath side.

Karli wants to add pillows.  Arms were needed on this bench to hold those pillows.  So, we had to get creative.  I drew out 4 different arm ideas.  Finally decided on this one...I cut them out.  Then when Dwight set them on for a trial run, he put them upside down!   We both decided that we liked them that way best.  (Go figure!!!)
Here is the arm creation...upside down.
The bench is ready for primer and paint.

I used Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch, Ultra Cover in Semi Gloss.  I really prefer spray painting, it goes so quickly and the bench will sit outside and I wanted it to be durable.
We nicknamed her BB (Birthday Bench)
Karli hasn't seen it yet since it is still at our place.

Happy Birthday Karli........with love from Mom and Dad.  We'll deliver it soon.  Until then, these pictures will have to do!


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