Friday, June 28, 2013

Quick Change Artist: Master Bedroom Refresh

Our house has a lot of gray, black, white and green. Brent has voiced this to me on several occasions. So after giving it some thought, I realized one of the easiest rooms to update would be our master bedroom. It had green pillows and a green candle. That's really all the green. Here's a glimpse of what it looked like.
Two green pillows and a black and white damask pillow.
I've been thinking about adding more white to the bedding.
Even Porter's bed is green. (Cutest doggie ever, right?!)
The wall opposite the bed. I happen to really love this arrangement.
In an ideal world, we'd have a nice sitting chair over in that corner with a side table and a floor lamp. And you probably can't tell from the pic above but there is a painting hanging in the mix that I've always loved. I bought it from an artist outside the Guggenheim about five years ago. So it became my inspiration.
What do you see in the painting? I see a street view of a New York with a taxi on the left.
I had a glorious Friday off and I headed to TJ Maxx for some stress relief. I hit the jackpot in the clothing department (scored black shorts and two versatile tanks) and the home goods (pillows, a basket and a white ceramic garden stool I've been hunting for a year!)

I got these two pillows as a starting point. Love that they pull in the yellow from the painting.

I had the rug in the guest room and pulled it in for fun. I think I like it!
Also found a yellow candle that smells like apricots (yum!) and the basket that fits perfectly in Brent's night stand.
I think I can amp up the yellow just a little bit more, so I'll be on the search for a new throw for the bench/bottom of the bed.
I remembered that I had two shams that came with the duvet cover so I put two extra pillows in them.
I also found that cool ceramic white light that I added to the dresser.
I'm loving the results for only about $45! Thank you, TJ Maxx!


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