Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Quick Way to Add Patriotic Colors: Porch Pillows for Pat

My neighbor Pat's porch pillows had gotten eaten by the squirrels last summer. She wanted to replace them but she didn't want to spend a small fortune for something that might only last one summer. (The squirrels may find them again!) I told her that for her birthday I would love to make her some new pillows.

She has a great bench and rocker on her porch. Her granddaughter gave her the wonderful wooden Colorado flag that hangs above the bench, so she always decorates in red and blue.

Love the colorful wooden flag! But, she really needs some pillows!
This year she planted red and white flowers in her whiskey barrels to go along with her patriotic color scheme.
These just got planted so they are small.

I found (in my stockpile of fabric) some navy plaid that worked great for two of the pillows. I then purchased some red dot to coordinate for another one. 
I used a vintage button on the red pillow.
It had come from a dear friend we both knew.
I think the new pillows look great and really make the front porch a place you want to be.
So, the new pillows are all ready for the squirrels.

Happy Birthday, Pat!
Enjoy the summer,

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