Monday, June 24, 2013

Hotel Sax Chicago: Design Inspirations

This week I traveled to Chicago for a recipe photoshoot with work. I decided to stay at a different hotel in River North. I found Hotel Sax online and was impressed with the location, rate and reviews. So off I went.

It is located right next to House of Blues off State Street and Kinzie within walking distance to lots of great Chicago steakhouses like Harry Carey's as well as some hip new resaurants like RMP and Sable Kitchen + Bar. (I ate at the last two. Did not disappoint!)

The reception area was the first unique element I noticed. The antique glass display cases were filled with cut crystal glassware. It was not the normal sterile greeting!

The halls on the way to my room featured graphic pewter carpet, metallic tone-on-tone wallpaper and dark wood trim. A sort of rock 'n roll vibe...
Loving the patterns, metallics and darker tones.
And so the wallpaper continues...

In my room I was greeted with a variety of textures, patterns and tones. A snake skin chair, an embossed leather headboard, plush black and white carpet, crisp white linens and wood grain furniture. (All of this with a lack of "artwork." I love how this design lets the colors and textures be the focal points instead of a large picture over the bed, for instance.)
LOVE that wallpaper. Very subtle but gives some interest to the wall.
An up-close of the wallpaper in the bedroom

This cool sidetable has a glass top with purple marbles inside. I also love the mirror behind the side lamp. Again, it doubles the amount of light and makes the space feel big.

In the bathroom, the lime green grasscloth wallpaper really set off the black and white tile and fixtures. 
Modern with a nod to retro

I love that this wallpaper makes you want to touch it!
After using the bedroom and bathroom for a few days I think there are a few things I want to tuck away in my own "inspirations" for our future master bathroom remodel and a couple updates in our master...

Larger white subway tiles.
Again, a modern bit of retro.

Black and white floors (I love these but I think I might get tired of them in real life)
So much fun
These were actaully small tiles laid in a square 4x4 pattern

I love their tasteful use of mirrors (because we all know there is a fine line between 70's creepy floor-to-ceiling mirrors and framed modern mirror features)...
This is opposite the large windows so it bounces light around and makes the room feel much bigger than it is.
Our master bedroom is big enough to have a small seating area. I love the idea of one soft chair and lamp.
Notice that this lamp base is painted a dark purple.

So if you can't already tell, I'd recommend this place if you're headed to Chicago and you like a posh, modern, rock 'n roll style.

Feeling inspired,

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  1. My husband and I usually priceline when we go to Chicago - a mere 55 miles away from where I live and I don't nearly do enough in the city - maybe because my husband hates it?! (ha!)

    We almost always get the Palmer House for $50 bucks a night - unless there is a convention in town, there are always excess rooms. :D

    Thanks for cheering me on about my Insanity - I love food too much to give all the good stuff up! :D