Friday, September 20, 2013

Day One Highlights: International Food Blogger Conference

I love my job. My day job and my "free time job." I'm lucky enough to get to travel to places like Seattle for the International Food Blogger Conference as part of my day job--so I can meet some great food bloggers. While I'm here, I soak up all I can, so I can be a better blogger myself (in my free time). It's a win-win.
What a view coming into the Seattle!

I thought perhaps a Top Ten Seven from Day 1 would be appropriate:

1. "I'm lucky because I work hard." Dorie Greenspan shared this thought during her fabulous keynote presentation. What an honor to learn from her (I also loved her Julia Child stories)! 

2. Live Blogging with Amazon Grocery. I've never used the service, but after today's sampling of some amazing products, I can say I made my first purchase.
A compilation of just a few of the products we tried during the session.

3. Ideas and inspirations from other bloggers. While KindredStyle isn't a dedicated food blog, we've been known to share some recipes like this and this. More to come.

4. No one is a stranger. The blog community is a friendly place to be. I feel like I know some of these people before I've officially met them face to face.

5. "Never eat the same thing twice." This was a piece of advice shared by a food writer for bloggers who want to break through the clutter. Brent sometimes wishes I didn't live by this motto as well.

6. oDesk. I had never heard of this until the folks from Foodista shared it in the session about building blog traffic. Outsource some of your work?

7. This Burrata with concord grape reduction, pancetta, croutons, mint and olive oil. Reminds me of another fruit/cheese salad I was recently inspired to replicate at home. I bet this shows up on here soon too!
No words for how good this twist on a caprese salad was...
Tomorrow is a whole new day, full of so much more to learn. I can't wait.

Have a great weekend!

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