Thursday, September 26, 2013

Decorating for Fall

I Love Fall...

I love the colors, the golds, the oranges.  I love pumpkins and leaves.  I love the smell of scented candles and home baked goodies full of spices.  I embrace the changing of the seasons and the cooler temperatures.  I get excited about bringing Autumn into my home in every way.  

Because I am a thrifty person, I use and reuse.  I keep tubs of fall décor that I transport to whatever location I may be decorating.   I have numerous "fake" pumpkins, leaves and garlands that have been used for numerous years.  Dust them off and you are good to go. 

I've tried using real pumpkins and for special times, like the Thanksgiving table, I do splurge.  We did tiny white pumpkins last year.  I loved it.  But if you are going to decorate before October 1 and leave it up till Thanksgiving..........think about it!!!   Those pumpkins are going to get a little old, and maybe even mushy!!!

Mix and match.  Some fake pumpkins mixed in with real leaves.  Then throw in some dried Indian Corn.  Don't forget the spice-scented candles.  It's all Fall and it's all wonderful.

Here are some Fall scenes throughout my house.

The Kitchen Bar Area
This plate stand is perfect for seasonal décor.

   A cake stand is great for the dining table.

  Can you tell I use these year after year? 

Just adding one tiny pumpkin to any area adds just the right amount of fall.

Another spot with one tiny pumpkin, the drop front desk in the living room.

Time for Fall décor!! The antique clock doesn't even run.

 A large urn full of real aspen branches greets guests in the entry area.

The colors are brilliant!
The pumpkins are "fake" but the Indian corn is the real deal.
     I have more real aspen leaves on the library table in the den.

I'm going to be decorating at Church soon for our annual Harvest Home Gathering. Then later, I'll be decorating for a Fall Supper Party. For that I am going to use some dried wheat grass that I cut out of the pasture last week. Look for the post on that coming soon.

Happy Fall,

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  1. I LOVE the real aspen branches--so, so beautiful!!