Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Porch Decorations

I'm really happy with how my front porch turned out this fall. It's my favorite season, so this is the perfect way to celebrate! Mom's post about the fall decor in her house inspired me to finally get this done...better late than never, right?!

I bought two real pumpkins and two fake black pumpkins from Target.
I also purchased two orange mums from the garden center down the street. I replaced the pink geraniums that had been in those black planters all summer.
I LOVE the chalkboard panel. I'm happy with how my chalk art turned out. Who knows what it will be come Christmas?!

I simply painted a piece of shelving. You can buy a piece for about $1 from Home Depot if you don't have any scrapes.
These little lanterns came from Ikea. Eventually I'll load them up with pine cones for Christmas!
And the mums!! I love orange mums this time of year!
I hope you're enjoying the fall weather.

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