Saturday, August 3, 2013

Perennials Taking Hold

When we tore out all the old bushes and sidewalk in the front of our house, we knew we'd be left with lots of options for how to fill the space. I don't consider myself a green thumb, but after this year's garden and flower beds, I think I may be changing my mind.
I posted early in the spring about the flowers I was contemplating for the front beds. With a few minor tweaks and some fun new finds at the local garden store, I think it's shaping up quite nicely!

So you can see the layout of the beds.
Here are the only three annuals I planted for some immediate color and spread. I was afraid my perennials wouldn't be very showy this year...
Petunias...planted a mixed flat this year. Next year I'm going to go with
all dark purple or maybe orange. No light purple, white, pink or red.
Hot pink geraniums in boxed planters by the front door. I really like
geraniums in planters. But like I said above, next year no pink.
This was a really fun find at the local nursery. The common name is something like
"bat face" since the the Cuphea flower almost look like ears and a little nose.
And here are a few of the beautiful things happening right now with my perennials. I can't wait to see what next year has in store since this was just the first year of growth!
Foxgloves. I LOVE these!
Delphinium in a beautiful royal blue/purple. Brent picked this and planted it too!

We can't live in Colorado and not have the state flower. I also planted a
"lime green" columbine but it doesn't have flowers yet.
Another favorite for spread and showy flowers: Coreopsis.
We planted two of these since they look great and eat up space.
Salvia. Another Colorado staple. This is one of two we planted. The
first one almost died, but I'm nursing it back to health.

Coneflower: I was worried about these babies. They didn't look
great for much of their initial month. Now they're flowering!

Hens and chicks. I planted lots of these (along with ice plant) along the borders.
This is my very first Brown-Eyed Susan to flower. I notice them all over
Denver right now, so I imagine next year's plants will be much fuller.

Next year my poppies will likely bloom too, but they just weren't developed enough this summer.

I hope you're enjoying some color and flowers this summer!

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  1. Karli,
    Your new exterior Paint plus Sidewalk plus Flowers all looks Fabulous!!! So glad to see that summer has brought some wonderful progress for the house and garden. I have a little garden and will be adding some of your flower choices next year for sure. LOVE the lime green door!!