Sunday, February 24, 2013

Not Your Average Fabric Headboard

When it came time to furnish our guest room, I knew I wanted something different and unique. As far as I'm concerned, the guest room is a great place to be a little bit bold while creating a comfortable environment for overnight visitors.

In our old house I had a headboard that resembled an old metal gate. (Very clever, but it banged the wall--not conducive to a good night's sleep.)

In the new house I was starting with a blank slate (you can see it all here). Here's the previous owner's version... 

Oh boy, this takes me back. Look at those curtains.
Mom was visiting one weekend and we decided to go visit the brand new IKEA and there I found my jumping off point in the fabric department. (If you haven't already heard me say this, I'll say it again. If you're starting with a blank slate, I find it helpful to search for just ONE thing that you absolutely love. Then just design the rest of the room around that.) 

Two yards of fabric later (and some hemming that Mom did for me) along with a previously used wood curtain rod and some screws and nails...we had this:

I love how bold and graphic this "piece" is in the room. It is the focal point and provided the inspriation for the other furniture and fabric choices in the room. I think the fact that we hung it very near the ceiling gives the room height.

Here you can see that we simply used a wood curtain rod.

In this pic, I wanted you to see that we ran the "headboard" about half way down the mattress. We also tacked it to the wall with small nails. I didn't want the fabric to get caught up in a pillow toss in the middle of the night. It stays put, just
as we hoped.
 So my next "to-do" for this room is paint. I'm yearning for something warm and slightly colorful. I'm thinking of a burnt orange accent wall. Maybe it would be too much?? 

Stay tuned next week to learn about how we customized the curtains in this room. I'll give you a hint with this picture.

What does this pic have to do with curtains? Check back next week and I'll show you.