Thursday, February 28, 2013

Guest Room Curtains...A Goldilocks Tale

I hinted about this post when I shared the fabric "headboard" in my guest room. So here's how we reused some curtains from the basement in my old house in the guest room and made them just the right length (not too short and not too long, hence the Goldilocks reference)...

Here's a pic of the curtains in the basement of the old house.
It's a little hard to tell here, but they are black and white stripes.
The panels were 84 inches, which was perfect in the old house. In the new house 84's are too short but 96 inch panels are too long. But there wasn't enough in the hem to just let it out. What to do?

Answer: The answer in this case was just adding some length to the old black and white striped curtains. We found a fabric that coordinated with the fabric we used as the headboard and added it to the bottom. Now you can start to see how orange is becoming the predominate color in the room too.

This fabric allowed me to get a pop of color on the window treatments. And it saved money--always a good thing!

Here you can see how they look in the room.

Mom kindly sewed the fabric onto the curtains while Brent and I installed the ceiling fan (I'm re-living how hot it was in this room before that fan!). She also used a little bit of leftover fabric to make a pillow for the bed. (I feel like I've talked about her sewing a lot in this blog. I need to learn to sew!)

I like that the pattern is repeated in two places.

And now does my hint from last week make more sense? :)

I couldn't help sharing this pic too. I love this collection of mirrors on the wall opposite the bed.
 I'm still contemplating the paint in this room. I also want to update the lamps--the two in here now were both hand-me-downs and while they serve their purpose, I want something a little more ecclectic.


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