Monday, February 4, 2013

Thrift Store Fix for an Old Brass Light Fixture

You may notice a theme going with my many "Thrift Store" finds and fixes. It is true. I admit I frequently visit thrift stores, consignment shops, hardware stores, and such. I always seem to find great stuff for next to nothing. And, when a solution presents itself and it is cheap, I'm all over it.   

During a thrift shop visit last week, I found a glass shade that was just the right size for the ugly upstairs hall light that came with my 1970's house. (What are the odds?)

Here's what $1.00 buys.

Here's what the hall light looked like before.

I removed the "too cutesy," "too sweet" glass shade, sanded the brass part with steel wool, wiped it off, then painted it black (acrylic craft paint). I used a small brush and put on two coats, then followed with a coat of waterbase varnish. The entire light fixture could have been removed and spray painted with Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint, but I'm always in a hurry and wanted it done fast. (And, I am pretty good with a paint brush!) After it was all dry, I added my thrift store glass shade.

The finished "cheap" fix.
I have to admit that this small $1.00 project started a fairly time-consuming makeover for the upstairs hall. You'll have to follow along to see what all it entailed!!!!!


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