Sunday, July 13, 2014

Finds for the Market

I spent this weekend doing lots of prep work for the market. I thought I'd share the "before" pictures of some items....this way you can plan what you'll purchase the day of the market. ;-)

I found two tables that needed some serious TLC and new paint. This is how they looked right when I unloaded them...

This one has great legs and it is really sturdy. The top was really scratched up...


This a GREAT coffee table with a plank top. I love that it also has a small drawer (could be used for remotes).


This is a table that belonged to my neighbor. When you see the finished product, you'll wonder why they'd want to get rid of it.

Now, check out this great orange swivel chair (its part of a pair). I sort of love these. I think the right buyer will really enjoy them for a lounge vibe or sitting area!


Here's a great mirror I recently found. Brass is making a huge comeback right now. I love the looks of it in the right room.

And I have to share this old Music Department chair. I think its so fun that there are carvings and writing on the seat. Imagine the students that sat in this...

I'll share the finished tables soon. As I was working on the coffee table, Brent was sitting in the orange chair saying "It really like that table. Can we keep it? This chair is really we need this too?" To me, that's the sign of a good makeover!

Hope you had a great weekend,

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