Tuesday, July 8, 2014

More For The Market (An Orange Wingback Chair)

I am continuing to get ready to go to Market........the Paris Street Market that is.  I promised that I would share photos of items ready to go to the show, but truthfully, I've been so busy getting ready I have hardly any time for photos.  But, here are some glimpses...............        

I found this great orange wingback chair which lead to all the rest: a black and white pillow, a footstool, then a table runner and a matching covered wall canvas.

I was unable to find any fabric I liked until I stumbled onto this black printed drapery panel...........perfect for covering the footstool, the canvas, and creating a table runner.  I even have some left, so I'm sure I'll make something else.

I then used a packaged drop cloth to make Karli and I each an apron for the show.  We need pockets to carry a sales book, pens, and maybe a cell phone.  Hopefully we'll even have some room for money.  Karli and I couldn't decide what to put on these.........K-1, K-2, and then who was who?   We settled on just numbering our pockets.    

We are getting excited for the show, coming up August 2, in the Littleton area.  Plan to come out and see our booth.  We promise to have great things!



  1. I hope you guys do great! And that you fill up your apron with lots of $$$!!!!

    1. Thanks Biz! I'm sure my husband just hope that we sell a lot so we can park in our garage again. Right now it is FULL! :)