Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Heirloom Wedding Bouquet

I had this post planned from the moment we started this blog but finally got around to finishing it this week. When I got married I didn't consider wearing my mom's dress...I just tore it apart. With her permission of course!

My grandmother made my mom's wedding dress. And there's a rumor that some of the buttons were "stolen" from my aunt's dress, which my grandmother had also made. 

In an effort to include heirloom items in my wedding, my mom decided to let me use a sleeve/cuff from her dress to make the decorative holder for my bridal bouquet.

Here's the finished, beautiful product! It made my bouquet just that much more special.

(PS we purchased all the flowers for the wedding from Costco for a steal!)


Our wedding was photographed by A and A Photography. LOVE them!

Thanks Mom, for letting me "borrow" part of your dress for my special day.


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