Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kandy's Master Bedroom Makeover, Part I

It is time to makeover our bedroom. It's looking tired, old, and a little heavy. (I could be describing more than just our bedroom!) Anyway, it is past time for a new look. I usually change things up about every 10 years or so. 

But, before I share the plan for changes, I thought you might get a chuckle out of where this room has been over the last 30 years.

In the 1980's it began as pure "Country."

Check out the waterbed
Check out the goose wallpaper border...if you couldn't sleep you could count geese.
In the 1990's, still Country, with more ruffles and Victorian touches. The walls had been painted hunter green. The accessories were burgundy and navy...believe me that was the "thing" back then. We had purchased a new oak bed and I had refinished the chest of drawers.

White bedding in the summer.

Navy bedding for winter....the ruffled shams and bedskirt remained the same.
The oak armoire is still in the room, just accessorized differently.

In 2000, the room got painted an olive green. I made the window valances, that in itself could be a new post. We also got a new comforter set and I made coordinating pillows.

The room in shades of green and khaki with a more monochomatic feel. (This must have been taken during the holiday season)
Then I had to make even more changes, the valances got recovered in a different fabric and I added fringe and changed out the bed pillows.

The brass lamps are antiques.This oak chest is a more recent refinishing project.
The valances

Probably need a new look here now. 

So, on to the plan for changes:
  • Repaint doors, trim and window trim white. 
  • Repaint ceiling and wood trim white.
  • Repaint walls a shade of gray.       (pick the perfect shade)
  • Purchase new white drum lampshades.     (probably at Target)
  • Purchase or make a white lumbar pillow for bed.  (to go in front of gold ones)
  • Purchase or make new art for over bed.
  • Recover oak chair seat in a gray pattern fabric.
  • Recover window valances, or uncover older fabric, or remove altogether???
I'm challenging myself to make these changes with very little money. Therefore, I'm keeping our old bedspread and all the furniture. I also need to change out some accessories...give the room a crisper, lighter, more modern touch.  

Anyway, I'm excited! When you live in the same house over 30 years, you have to keep changing it up or it gets as tired looking as its owner.

I'll keep you updated with the changes and transformation.
(See an update here)


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  1. Kandy, I foresee several very interesting posts on this subject! Looking forward to more great ideas :-)