Thursday, August 29, 2013

Change Your Wall Display: Empty Frames and Keepsakes

The truth is.....I love to rearrange and redecorate! I really miss that aspect of running the Antique Store. To me, constantly changing out the windows and displays was my idea of "fun". In my own home, though, I think sometimes I get a little lazy. It is time to change that and past time to freshen some areas.

Since the Master Bedroom is still a work in progress, I like to confuse myself by moving to another area for a different project. I moved into what I refer to as the "Daybed Room."

This room is very monochromatic, all whites, creams and khaki. It is dedicated to vintage d├ęcor, and oh yes, it does contain a daybed. 

Here is the area over that daybed.  It has looked like this for several years and it is hard to dust the stuff on the shelf. That is the problem with shelves over beds.
During...get it all out of sight while you start over.

After Here's the new wall display.

 A close-up of Cousin Jessie from the late 1800's.

A framed collection of vintage lace dress collars and old door knob back plates.

The large frame came from an estate sale. I love what's left of the chippy paint.
You can easily see how much I love old frames. I do have quite a collection of them. And the fact is, I have quite a lot of stuff! I can take a walk out to my shop and bring in a whole new assortment to use on any display. I realize that many of you do not have antique store inventory in a shed out back. But, you can still get a new look by just changing out what you have. Take something down, move it to another part of your home. Don't be afraid to put a hole in the wall. You can easily patch and repaint if you change your mind. Just do it!
The before again...

And the after!

Making small changes like this project make me take a second look at a room that I have perhaps ignored for a while. As I walk past, I actually look in. My husband even noticed and said, "I like what you did on the wall."  That is a huge comment for him.

I'll be moving on to other parts of this room next week.

Happy Changing,

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