Friday, August 2, 2013

Master Bedroom Paint (Part 2)

Well, it seems to be taking forever. In fact some of you may think I was only kidding when I said I was going to makeover my master bedroom, in the earlier post. I did finally make my color selection and I am proud to say I am started. I'm sharing my progress so you can see for yourself.

I always start with the ceiling. My logic is to work my way down. As in all the upstairs bedrooms, I'm using my go-to paint on the ceiling, Sherwin Williams, Extra White, in the flat finish.

Ceiling and trim gets a coat of new white.

Then I'm also painting the window trim and doors. They were that 1980's stained oak. This is another reason this project is taking so long. For this I had to lightly sand all the wood, wash, give one coat of primer, then two coats of Sherwin Williams, Extra White, in satin finish. The doors are actually taking three coats.

The stain goes away and on goes the white.

As for the main wall color I have certainly given this a lot of thought. When you love doing room makeovers as much as I do, you need to spread the deliberations out as much as possible! I really do love the planning stages.

My paint selection is Valspar Skyscraper Taupe. I made this choice for several reasons: 

1. I really like the color, a taupey gray, a tinge of green, no blue.
2. The price (very reasonable, $25 gallon)
3. It has built-in primer...(good and bad) tell you about that later!

Going gray
Loving this color!
I did like this paint. The coverage was great in just one coat. The only problem I had was painting near the ceiling trim. I really hate to tape off. I just use an angle brush to paint that area. However, this paint was really thick (built-in primer) so it didn't really glide along for a crisp line. I ended up having to thin a little with water in a small cup. Then I could paint next to the trim. (Remember, if you do this, your paint brush may drip and it will require extra coats.)

I'm still working on this project. I've had several other things going on this summer so the bedroom has taken a back seat. My husband says he doesn't really mind having our bed in the middle of the floor, no drapes, no doorknobs, and a general mess in our bedroom. He's such a good guy and a good sport. I should know because we are about to celebrate our 41st year of wedded bliss this weekend.

I'll keep you posted on master bedroom progress. Hopefully it will be completed before we celebrate our 42nd!

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  1. Kandy,
    Hope your whole summer has been as good as this bedroom is looking! Love the gray-green--soft with real high style. Haven't been here since your first bedroom post.

    Will try to keep better informed... :-)