Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Blessings Tree for Thanksgiving

Last Thanksgiving, Brent and I hosted both of our families at our house. It was a wonderful, special day and I love the fun touches we added with decor and a "blessings tree" at the front entry.

We cut out some leaves from multiple colors of paper and tied a ribbon to each. Then we placed several branches in an urn. Simply place some markers near the blank leaves and have guests add something they're thankful for. It was a really great way to see all our blessings hanging on a "tree."

Mom helped with all the tablescapes and I think they were just perfect. Our tableclothes were white, so we added small vases with green mums, orange pumpkins and some squash. Mom made a few new napkins to mix in with some orange ones I already had. Since I didn't have enough silverware in our wedding pattern, we mixed all the silverware up and I think it turned out really fun!

We set up the dessert buffet in the front room near the tables, so everyone could help themselves as they wished.

After the meal, the guys enjoyed a game of football in our backyard while Brent's mom did a craft project with the little ones. I love that we have the space to entertain like this now. Speaking of blessings...this house is a huge one for us!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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