Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Art Shed: Part 2

I have had the pleasure of helping my good friend, Judith, convert her outdoor shed into a new space. For lack of a better name...we refer to it now as "The Art Shed." Did I mention that Judith is a real artist? If you haven't already done so, check out what we started with and the progress on the shed up to this point

Here is a photo of the Before (which you can see more of here):
Here is the shed with the added insulation.

Here are photos of the After:

Welcome to "The Art Shed"...step through the front door and check out the new space. 

We are finally ready to reveal the new look with furniture and artwork in place.
    Through the front doors you are greeted with color and art.

On this wall, you see the little green table which Judith's father made many years ago.  See this post to learn more about it, Judith's New Old Green Table. It is the perfect spot to display some of her art. A large basket on the floor is filled with rolled art paper and a fun green yard chair is great for sitting a bit.
Painting the table this shade of green really works with her art.
The Shed will be used in a variety of ways: as a display area for her art, as an area to work with clients on custom work, and perhaps even as a work-space for Judith and other artist friends collaboration on art projects.
This table provides a work surface with seating for two.  

The mustard box sits on the table and holds art supplies.
Judith made this great floor lamp.

 A mustard mat for guests to wipe their feet at the front door.

   To the right of the door, a metal shelf holds art supplies and hanging on the door is one of Judith's signature pieces, an angel painting.

Judith's husband, Larry, found this wood chest in Kentucky. Don't you love the bold floral painting leaning on it?

Here is a close-up of the fun indoor/outdoor rug.The rug was the
inspiration for the color choices in the shed.

    Judith places paintings in this stand, handy for browsing. The bell chime that hangs above her was a gift from her daughter.
  It will be exciting to see the ever changing artwork on display in Judith's Art Shed. Here we placed a fun artsy clock that she created.

It has certainly been rewarding helping my good friend transform her shed into a place she actually wants to spend time. She and her husband, Larry, are really the greatest people to work with. I hope they enjoy their made-over space for many years. I know that Judith will...she'll be out there changing the artwork on a weekly basis. She has so many great pieces, she'll be busy for quite a while!

Check out more of her work at http://angelcatpainter.blogspot.com/. She is an extremely talented and delightful gal and I am so very happy we could work on "The Art Shed" together.


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