Monday, November 11, 2013

Leigh's Wedding Party--A Fall Supper

My dear friend Kathy's daughter, Leigh, is getting married in November. Another neighbor friend, Pat, and I decided to host a party in her honor.

Since Leigh already had a shower, we thought a couple's party would be fun. After all, we wanted to get to know her fiance. How perfect to have a Fall Supper Party!

We enjoyed planning all the details for the big night. I'll highlight areas for you and share some of our photos.

The Invitations:

My artsy friend, Judith, gave me some beautiful khaki colored paper that worked great to make the invitations. I folded the paper in half and did a dry-brush stencil design in chocolate brown. I did the wording on the computer, copied it onto white cardstock paper, cut it with a paper cutter, and used double stick tape to attach it inside. I then repeated the stencil design inside and then again on the outside of the envelope. 

The Tables:

I recently used painter's drop cloths to cover a ceiling in a shed, see this post.   I really liked the fabric and thought it would make wonderful tablecloths for this party. I purchased a 9' x 12' size dropcloth at Sherwin Williams and from that I was able to get 4 card table size cloths and one to fit a 6' table. I then purchased one drop cloth that was 6' x 9' for the larger table. After washing and drying the dropcloths, I pressed them, cut them to size and hemmed them. That's how easy it was. I really love the organic texture...a cross between linen and burlap. Really perfect for a fall dinner party. 
We topped each table with a brown runner. (I made the runners for Karli's wedding three years ago and have used them many times since then.) On the runners were vintage wood boxes containing old white ironstone pitchers of various sizes.  In each pitcher was native wheat grass that I cut from along the fence row and dried. We included pinecones from Pat's yard, tiny white pumpkins, and small votive candles for sparkle. 

We wanted casual, but traditional. We mixed up the table settings, using some of my dishes and some of Pat's. We had blue and white transferware and brown and white transferware. We mixed up the stemware as well, using both blue and brown. Even the napkins were mix and match....brown print, blue and white, solid brown, and ivory. I think the effect was warm and inviting.

The Menu:

In keeping with our casual, rustic feel, we kept our food simple, as in "Fall Comfort Food."  Karli had helped us plan what we were going to serve and she helped with the food prep. (So glad my daughter can cook.)

Spinach Dip served in a small Pumpkin
Mini Pretzels and Cracker Assortment
Cream Cheese topped with Raspberry Chipolte 
Assorted Fall Beers and Micro Brews
Main Course
Fresh Green Salad with Cherry Tomatoes and Sweet Peppers
Homemade Ranch Dressing
Crusty Wheat French Bread with Garlic Butter
Hearty Beef Stroganoff
Buttered Green Beans
Pumpkin Bundt Cake
Chocolate Bundt Cake
Fresh Whipped Cream
Cream Cheese Mints

Here are some photos of the appetizer table. The little straw bride doll adorning the table is a vintage keepsake of Pat's.

The "Bar" area was special too. Years ago I had made this lattice divider when Leigh's brother got married. We used it at the reception. Then, when her other brother got married, we used it at the ceremony. It was only fitting to use it for some of Leigh's festivities. An old washtub sits on an antique kitchen table holding the ice and beers. Karli wrote the beer choices on old cupboard door that I had painted with chalkboard paint. We set this up outside on the deck. 

Another cupboard door, which I made freestanding, greets guests as they came to the front door. Karli did the writing on this one as well. (Sure glad she came home to help with this party.)

Karli and Bride-to-be Leigh were childhood friends, living down the road from each other. It was wonderful that Karli got to come home, help with the party and celebrate with Leigh.

My camera battery failed at about this time...lesson learned...always have a back-up battery in the camera case. I did not get photos of the rest of the food, or all the people at the party. I didn't even get a photo of Leigh and Jake, the Groom. I did however get one of Karli and Brent. Brent deserves to be in this post too. He worked hard...hauling all the stuff for the outdoor bar area and all that beer!

What a great evening we had! Now we can all look forward to the upcoming wedding and spending more time with these people that we love.


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