Monday, November 18, 2013

Embarassing "Before" Main Floor Pictures

I'm sharing a room that I don't really post much about. The front room. The room filled with natural light. The room guests see when they first walk in. The room with a lovely window seat.

The room winds around to the dining room too

This is also a room that has the terrible, nearly white, plush carpet. And the room where our sweet dog, Porter, spends his days...barking at the UPS man and watching the world go by.

See that black Kong Porter is playing's the culprit!
Ugh. This is what I'm most embarrassed about. Stains from where Porter eats his Kong. It's black rubber and it leaves awful marks on the nearly white carpet.

When we first bought this house, I had great plans for getting new wood floors on the main level before we moved in. It really was a smart plan. Too bad our budget didn't agree with my plan.

It's actually a blessing. In the two years that we've lived here, I've had lots of time to research wood floors. We have a large dog. We want to have children one day. We aren't rich. We need something affordable and durable. So where did my research lead me? Laminate! (We installed some in our upstairs office early in 2013 and I'm really happy with it).
Look at how the grout is chipping. Some of the tiles are loose too. Ends up, they had applied this right over vinyl. Big no-no!
They had also used an incorrect transition piece. Awesome.

So this weekend, we purchased nearly 800 square feet of TrafficMaster Farmstead Hickory 12mm laminate flooring!

And because it's going to save us $1700, we're doing all the tear out ourselves over the next couple weeks. Then a professional comes to install the flooring the week of December. I'm giddy!


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