Sunday, November 17, 2013

Master Bedroom Makeover Progress: Part 4

The never-ending bedroom makeover...well I do have progress to share. See previous posts here, here and here.

I finally got to go to the City (yeah).  I got to shop in stores other than WalMart and I got my pillow, which was a gift from Karli. That pillow which I was building my entire room around...the pillow that I had not seen...that vital pillow...the inspiration for fabrics needed to complete this project.

Here is the pillow Karli got me and I love it.  It really looks great with my paint color and is just the right amount of traditional/modern to mix it up in this bedroom. Yeah daughter!!

The trip to Denver was worth the wait. I needed drapery rods, draperies, and fabric for the bedskirt and recovering a chair seat...Mission Accomplished.

Here is the progress...........

Drapery Rods
Drapery Rods from JoAnn's Fabrics, Home Inspirations Signature Series, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish, 50% off sale, $29.00 each.

White Draperies from Ikea, Ritva, Cotton, Backtabs, Machine Washable.
Loved the fabric with a linen look.  Also loved the price, $24.99 per pair.

The gray-print fabric I found at JoAnn's Fabrics, Waverly brand, 1/2 off.  Had to stand in line for it, but since I also found those curtain rods, it was all good.  I had to recompute the yardage since I had figured it to be 42" wide instead of the wider upholstery fabric I ended up buying. This d├ęcor fabric is always more expensive, but it may be 15 years before I redo this room.  It was still an investment at $29.00 a yard.

I made the bedskirt in sections.  I've made them before using part of a sheet to cover the foundation.  It can still be challenging to move the entire mattress, lay the bedskirt, then put the mattress in place.  This time I made it in three sections, still using an old sheet. 

I cut my gray fabric 19" (the height of the foundation plus some to go under the mattress).  I made two sections 82" length (for the 2 sides) and one section 62" long (for the bottom of the bed.)   I have a Queen size bed.  I then cut the old sheet into 15" tall pieces the same lengths as the other sections.  I sewed the sheet pieces to each section.  It was then so much easier to slide these three sections in place under the mattress, instead of one big one.  It also accommodated the footboard. 

Recovering the chair was a simple fix.  Here is what it looked like before. (also seen in my post about my favorite old chairs!)

I just turned the chair upside down, unscrewed the seat and then had the huge task of removing all the staples I had put in the last time I covered this seat.  I decided I wanted the cushion thicker so I cut a new piece of foam, then cut the fabric and restapled it all.  

Now that all of that is done (the rods, the drapes, the bedskirt, the chair seat, the new pillow)......the old comforter doesn't look that great.  Isn't that always the way it goes? 

So, this bedroom makeover isn't complete yet.  Now I have to deal with the bedspread/comforter.  Keep checking...I'll get it finished some day!


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