Friday, April 25, 2014

A New Season's Blessings

When my Grandpa Carl passed away my sweet in-law's all went together a bought me a gift card to a local greenhouse/nursery. I cried when I opened the card. My grandpa loved to play in the dirt and grow things and take care of the land. I knew immediately that I would use the money to plant something and remember him every time I looked at it.

We purchased grass seed and peet moss for this eye sore in our front yard. (There used to be a tree there and crazy juniper bushes.)


We planted the seed last weekend and have diligently been watering and tending to it. I knew it would "take" because grandpa was behind it all. Thursday morning I was on my way downstairs to water and I was talking to him saying, "Please help our little grass seeds grow into strong beautiful turf so we're not the ugly yard on the block." When I got out there I saw tiny little green spikes ALL OVER the place.

That evening I spent some time in our backyard enjoying all the beauty that spring brings us. Cool-weather flowers like hyacinth and tulips. Bright, vibrant blooms on forsythia. Flowering trees and budding butterfly bushes. Mother nature never ceases to amaze me.


Thank you grandpa for watching over us (and our dirt plot now filled with baby grass).

And thank you to Porter, who watches over me while I'm exploring our backyard a.k.a. "his forest."

Spring time blessings to you!


  1. Yep, your Grandpa was with you the whole time, I just know it! Looks like spring has definitely sprung in your neck of the woods - we aren't quite there yet.

    And that last picture reminded me of our dog Ed! So sweet - I do miss having him around. He's been gone for over a year and I am no longer vacuuming up dog hair anymore. :(

    Enjoy your weekend! I am off to get ready for work at the restaurant tonight - hope I make some $$! Hugs!

  2. Spring at your house is just beautiful! My guess is that Grandpa also had a hand in all of that, as well. xo