Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Planning To Reality: Our New Shed

I told you earlier this year about our hopes of building a shed in our backyard. I'm happy to say, the building is up!

In order to get that building up, we've had to do lots and lots of planning.

First we had to decide on the type of shed we wanted. We decided to go with TuffShed based on great recommendations from several friends. We went to visit our local TuffShed retail location and worked with a great salesman, who gave us some discounts and worked with us to customize it exactly as we wanted.

Second we had to figure out just exactly where we wanted the shed and how it should be positioned. This is where Brent and I disagreed (for a little while). But I won and the shed now sits how I envisioned from the beginning.

Next we had to find out where our sprinkler lines where. The last thing I wanted was to put this building down over the top of lines that we may need to move or fix some day.  So I started digging around the perimeter I'd outlined above.

Once we determined that our chosen location was "safe," we had the shed built. These guys were quick! The space went from nothing to done (sort of) in just over two hours.


NOW, you may notice that the shed is a different color than our house. No, we didn't chose that as our final palate. We are just trying to save money. So we're planning to paint it once the weather warms up to match the house. (We have leftover over paint from last summer's painting)

We also have plans to move the fence line forward a bit. Once that is done, we'll have a new cement pad and sidewalk laid down leading from the front of the house to the shed in the back.

And this spring, I'm going to plant some perennials on the side of the shed in a small bed for some added color.

Lots left to do, but we're already so happy to have the extra storage space--the freedom to move around in our garage now.

Here's to SPACE!!

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