Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sprucing Up Our Exterior--Removing Trees

Remember my post from a while ago about our new windows and how ugly our house looks in this transition phase? Well, we're making headway! Hurrah!

A reminder of the house "before"
A few weekends ago Mom and Dad came to visit with the chainsaw. I had grand aspirations of removing all the overgrown junipers and thorny bushes that were touching the house (in preparation for spring paint--so excited!).

And a view of the back. Too many bushes right up against the house.

It was only three bushes and two trees--how hard could that be?

Here's dear old Dad, starting on the juniper in front.
After one whole day of working on just the first juniper tree out front (and one Waste Management Bagster beyond full), I realized how hard it could be. And I also realized there are efficiencies in paying a tree service to do these things for you--especially when you live in city and you can't just have a good old fashioned bonfire out back.

All in a day's work. But we were all exhausted and the bag was overfull. You'll be able to see our leftover pile in a bit.

So I got an estimate today from my favorite landscape company and my hypothesis was correct. It was actually MORE economical for me to pay them, plus they can grind the stumps down, which is something we weren't able to do without the cost of more rental equipment. (I also feel better about them chipping the debris and reusing it rather that me hauling it away)

They'll be taking out the three circled trees/bushes. The forsythia on the left is beautiful in the spring and gets to stay. It's easy for us to keep in shape--so it doesn't bother me.

A closer look at the overgrown mess near our family room. It blocks so much light!

Different angle showing the bush and tree. You can see that the tree has grown too tall and it's now touching the gutter.
Once those are gone, I plan to use some of Mom's day lilies here. This area gets the morning sun so they should do great. And they won't grow tall enough to block precious northeast light.

The bush/tree by the dining room. (Side note: look at our old AC unit. I have plans to disguise that a little bit...someday) I also asked the tree company if they could raise the skirt on that large spruce so the area won't feel so cramped. We'll save that project for another time though.

The nasty thorny bush on the side of the house will also be gone. (And the pile of juniper we cut down that wouldn't fit in the Bagster will be chipped at no extra cost)

Whew. That's a lot of work! And that doesn't even begin to address the front lawn. BUT these items were the priority so we can get this house painted as soon as possible.

Are you working on spring projects? Anyone want to come help me design the front landscaping?


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