Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Oak Ice Box Makeover

In March of 1986 I purchased this oak ice box for $175 at a shack of an antique store in southern Colorado. The ice box had been sitting in a shed with its legs under water and had severe damage to the bottom of the structure. Below Karli is pictured with the "prize."

Karli's daddy, Dwight, got involved in the makeover project and decided it was a complete rebuild.
In the process of rebuilding, we reglued all the joints, cut off the damaged legs and put it back together. I then refinished the exterior, bringing it back to its golden oak glory. I painted the inside with a high gloss enamel and added new glass shelves.

Two months and many hours later, the ice box had found a new life as the bar--holding liquor and barware.


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