Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Bathroom Makeover: New Curtains

The curtains in my bathroom have always been an issue. You can see by my photos that I have the tub area and the window all fighting for space. This part of my bathroom is quite small consisting of the tub, window, toilet (which you can't see), and even a doorway.

You can see some of the "issues" in these photos.

The window encroaches on the tub area

The tub area

I love tubs draped all the way to the ceiling and on both sides, but adequate lighting in my tub area becomes a problem. At one time I had black and white toile curtains here but that made the area seem even smaller and was a little busy with the granite on the vanity.

You can see the vanity and the black and white toile curtains, which I moved to the guest bedroom in this post. You can also see in this post that my granite has a lot "going on" with it's pattern.  
My solution for this area was to simplify, adding more white and creating a crisper, cleaner feeling. I found white patterned panels at Target. I got two, 84" in length, on sale for $17.99 each.
A close up of the fabric

I used one panel for the tub area, with a white shower liner behind it and only had to shorten the hem a little. I cut the other panel to create the valance for the window.  Since it was a little sheer, I lined up the fabric pattern, and folded the fabric in half to create my valance. This made both areas look similar.

In the tub area I used the shower tension rod, which I already had. I decided in order to get both window and tub rods to match, I had to simply use another tension rod. The only problem was when I found another one like mine at WalMart, the color didn't match. Not a big deal. A friend of mine had given me several packages of metal clips rings and curtain brackets that she didn't need. They were a copper bronze color that didn't match. Still not a big deal. Hubby hammered the metal brackets into the correct size, (1"). And then I just spray painted everything to match! 

I clipped all the curtain rings on to a hanger for easier spraying. I used Rust-oleum Hammered Black Spray Paint for everything.

This was an easy way to spray paint the rings
After all the paint was dry, it was a matter of hanging the "shower tension rod" turned "curtain rod" at the same height as the real "shower tension rod." Everything matches and looks pretty darn good.

The painted rod and clip rings

The two areas now look great! Like they belong together

I decided to add this vintage Victorian Frame above the tub area. I've had it for years just waiting for the perfect spot.
The old frame adds a fun touch of whimsy
And Voila!.......Bathroom Curtain project completed!

I love what adding more white to the room has done

The curtains go so well with the fluffy white towels
I'll do another post at a later date and describe how we made the bathroom vanity from an old buffet.......

The vanity area (a repurposed buffet) was updated a little bit in this makeover too. I moved the candles to complete my "simplify" plan.
Until then,


  1. I hear you, Kandy. It can be really frustrating if you have a small space in your bathroom. Anyway, I’m glad that you found a solution to this problem. Curtains with lighter color can create an illusion of comfortable space.

    Roxie Tenner

  2. No bathroom is small to a creative mind! Our bathroom is not that spacious too, but we were able to maximize the space and played with the color. Also, adding a window and a mirror can do the trick. Keep everything organized to create more space in your bathroom too.

    -Lida Swisher