Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Powder Bath Reveal!

As promised, today I'm revealing our new main floor powder bath! I'm so excited to share the progression of this drab little bathroom.
It started like this. Tan, brown, builder-grade mirror and lighting. It also had a medicine cabinet on the small wall to the right of the sink. The floors were tan tile.
Some paint on the walls and cabinets, new cabinet hardware, a new mirror and towel rack, and the addition of some DIY paintings made the space look better.

We covered up the medicine cabinet hole with a painting.

And then, when it was time to get new floors on the main level, we just tore the entire thing out! It was liberating.

So, on to the big reveal after the new floors. Here was our inspiration post.
Love this new sign on the door that I found at an antique mall. People never knew which door was the bathroom. Now there's no question. :)
The hall where the bathroom lives looks so different now too!
When you open the door you're greeted with a brighter, clean looking room. I plan to change out the towel and a few other small items each season. For now, it's red for the recent Christmas season.
We need a bit of art to hang on the walls, but for now I'm loving the clean lines of the tall beadboard.
The vanity and sink are from IKEA. My dad helped me install it. I love how tall it is and how easy the sink is to clean. There's just something about a spotless white sink.
The vanity is awesome! The drawers are soft close, which I love. And the bottom one is tall enough to hold spray bottles, so all of our cleaning supplies live in here! I also love how it sits on little legs instead of on the floor. It looks like a piece of furniture now.
And that hole where the medicine cabinet was is now invisible. (Can I just point out that sink again?! Love that its all one piece!)
Here's another point of reference for where this bathroom lives in our house.
Just between the front door and kitchen. By the way, do you love that I painted all the trim bright white and the doors black?! I can't get over what a difference it makes in the house. It has a classy, timeless look. (And those new floors...are you kidding me?)
And another new piece that lives in that hall...
I found this at the antique mall too. It's a lovely pond with trees reflecting in the water. It makes me feel calm and serene. The black and white decor is really working in this part of the house.
Thanks for stopping by to see our latest makeover. Working on a home can be a slow, tedious process. But as we complete rooms and projects like this, it gives a huge sense of accomplishment. We did it!
All my best,


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Amee! It was a really fun project to work on!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!! Love it! I love the contrast between the door color and molding color. I have absolutely no decorating sense - in fact, if you came to my house it could be called "early miscellaneous!" Congrats on one year of blogging with your Momma!

    1. Thanks, Biz. The year has flown by! My mom and I celebrated with a phone call last night...we talked about how she should cut her hair. We never stop :)

  3. So beautiful. I love what you have done to the whole house.

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment, Bonnie! We're really happy with how things are turning out!