Thursday, December 5, 2013

How will I get all this done in a week?!

Am I crazy? Why I do stack projects on top of projects? Because I'm crazy. Ok, so now that we've established that, here's the latest update on our flooring project. (It did just start as a flooring project, right?)

Our floors will be done in a couple days. My house is a wreck. The dog doesn't know where he can and can't walk and our family room and garage have been taken over by stray furniture and accessories.

Two things happened when we took everything out of the rooms on the main floor.

1)We tore out our powder bath vanity and toilet too. I wanted the new floors to run through the entire powder bath and they couldn't with the ugly old vanity in there. So it had to go. There was no other answer.

2) I decided I wanted a bigger dining room. But that's for another post.

3) I lied, three things happened. I decided to paint all the doors and door trim on the main floor too. Yet another post.

Back to the bathroom...There was also a lovely hole in the wall where they had a medicine cabinet. (Who puts a medicine cabinet in a powder bathroom?!) My dad and Brent patched that up beautifully so it isn't just a gaping hole anymore. BUT we were still going to need to do drywall repair and new texture to get the walls up to par. Or did we have to?!....
We hid that medicine cabinet hole with a canvas that we painted.

Answer: cover the walls in beadboard about six feet high. Seems too high you're saying to yourself. Nah...take a look at this inspiration.

While the sink and toilet are torn out, we'll put the beadboard up and paint it bright white. Then we'll put a new vanity and sink from IKEA in and reinstall the toilet.

Whew. All of that in the midst of moving furniture back into the main floor. It all needs to be done before next Friday when my wonderful family members arrive for the Cookie Exchange...when there will be 25+ guests in my house for the afternoon.

Like I said, we're crazy.---Or at least I am.


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