Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Karli's 2013 Project Recap

As 2013 comes to a close, it struck me just how much we've done to our home in one year's time.

This was only the second year we've lived in this house and we've continued to create a cozy, welcoming home where we can entertain. We strive to do this on a budget while maintaining our sanity.

1. We started with the flooring in our office.

2. New windows were installed in the entire house. What a difference it makes in our energy bills! No more ice forming inside the house. 

3. Then we tackled the tile in our guest bath shower.

4. With help from mom and dad, we got a new old door for our entry closet.

5. We had several bushes, trees and stumps removed from our property.

6. After the bushes and stump were torn out in the front of the house, we had a new sidewalk poured.

7. During the summer we also planted a beautiful new front flower bed, had our exterior painted, installed new shutters and then took a deep breath!


8. We tore out the carpet and tile on our main floor and got new, beautiful floors installed.

9. While we had the main floor torn up, we have our main floor powder bath a makeover as well.

10. We also swapped the room where we have the dining table set up and we're loving it. Posts coming about that!

What a busy, amazing year it's been. We've been blessed to be able to do the work on this house and make it more efficient, comfortable and welcoming. (Is it sick that I'm already planning my list for 2014?!)

I hope 2014 treats you all well!


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