Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Tree Project

When we were recently at Karli's house, we took out an overgrown ugly cedar tree that was overtaking the side of her garage. That little project got Karli's Dad in the mood for more "tree work." He loves to trim trees. He walks outside at our house and the trees start trembling with fear dreading the abuse they will suffer at his hand.

Anyway, when we got back home his focus became centered on the trees in his own backyard. One particular aspen tree came up in our flower bed several years ago. I wanted to let it grow...he didn't.

I won. It grew with three trunks and much to his dismay, it is encroaching (or rather attaching itself) to the roof of the garden shed. So, on this day, he decided it was causing too much damage to the shed. It was coming down!

You can see the trunk "growing" into the garden shed.
 After some severe trimming on Dwight's part with the bow saw while standing on the roof of the shed, he was ready to take it down. Because the tree was as tall as a 2-story house, he decided we should use a rope and persuade it to fall where we wanted. My job would be at the end of that rope, supposedly out of harm's way, applying constant pressure (pulling), while Dwight operated the chain saw. All went according to plan for a while. He had sawed over half way through the trunk. Then the chain saw blade went dull...apparently from all the sawing we had done at Karli's. He stopped sawing and told me to try just pulling the tree down. He didn't think I was doing enough, so he came to help pull. With two people on the end of that rope and a mighty pull.................the rope broke and Dwight landed on his butt. The tree was still standing.
Plan B........more power with the tractor.
On to Plan B. Replace the broken rope with a chain and replace me with a tractor. Well, to make a long story short. That worked! We did bring the tree down, but in doing so our tree caused even more damage to the shed than it was doing in the first place.
You'll see extensive damage to the shed.

Looks worse closer!

Here she lays until we can repair the chain saw.
I will mention that no animals or people were harmed during this project. The photographer only took pictures when the chain saw was not running and had her cell phone on her person at all times, ready to call 911 if necessary.

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