Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Did It: Drip Art Canvas

You ever have one of those spaces in a room, where you can imagine what you want, but it doesn't seem to exist? Our front room was one of those spaces. After some time spent arranging furniture (and giving that red loveseat that Brent didn't like a slip cover), I had an empty wall just begging for a statement piece.

I had an arrangement with several smaller frames and black and white photos on an adjacent wall, so I knew I wanted one single piece on this wall. On another wall in the room I had a colorful abstract floral. So I knew this single piece shouldn't compete with all the colors there. I also didn't really want it to be "anything." Meaning I didn't want a flower or a street or a photo. I wanted ART.

A glimpse of the artwork I'm referencing.
After searching and looking for months, I decided it was up to me to paint this thing in my head. While Mom and Dad were here for Thanksgiving, we headed off to Michael's for a stretched canvas. Lucky me, the day I went it was 50% off.

I first painted the entire canvas white. Might seem silly since the canvas is already "white." But I needed a nice even surface that wouldn't soak up too much paint during the next step.

Here's where it got fun.

I stood the canvas up and painted a really wide stripe of SW Sassy Green (leftover from the dining room). And then I did something that seemed so wrong. I sprayed the green I'd just painted with water. I sprayed and sprayed until it started to drip. Then I sprayed more so I got lots of long drips going. I wanted them to go all the way to the bottom of the canvas. Once I was happy with the amount, I let that dry.

Here come the drips!
But I wasn't done. I turned the dried canvas upside down, so the part I'd just painted was on the bottom and the drips looked like they were running up. I repeated the process in a slightly narrower stripe on that side.

Basically, you just spray to your heart's content, until your eye is happy with the result.

I'm thrilled with it.I love how simple it is. I love how you can't tell which direction the drips are running and they all just blend in with one another.

Love this!

Don't forget to paint the edges too!

And the view of it's new home. You can also see the new closet door. Read about that project here and here.

What do you think? I think this was easy enough for anyone to do. Pick your colors and have fun!


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