Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Empty Frames for a Blank Wall

I'm dedicating this post to a series on a blog I love..."Working with what you have" on I'm participating in her link up party today!

The hallway from the front of our house to the back is (was) boring. The door to the powder bath, the thermostat, the doorbell speaker, light switches and a weird angled wall (due to the stairs).

The before...
I had in my mind that I wanted to put something interesting here, but it couldn't be anything too deep since the hall isn't that wide. So I gathered up some empty wood frames last time I was at my parents, brought them home and painted them white. And there they sat in my garage for like two months.

While Mom and Dad were here a couple weekends ago (cutting down a coming soon) we finally got to those frames and the hall.

First step: lay the intended items out on the floor to figure out an arrangement that looks good.
Step two: take a quick pic of the arrangement so you don't forget.

Side note...I can't wait for new floors
Step three: Hang them up.
Step four: Stand back and admire the new look.

From this angle you can really see all the stuff(doors, stairs, etc.) in this hallway.

Little different angle...

And finally, the view from the front door. You can also get a small glimpse of the fabulous new closet door.
 I'm really happy with it. It doesn't feel too heavy (since its a little dark there I couldn't add anything too dark) and it doesn't infringe upon the walking space. Someday I'll add some quirky letters or some additional empty frames like our floor example shows.

Another little project done (for now).