Friday, December 6, 2013

DIY Wine Cork Tray

I've been saving wine corks for several years now. To start my collection, I purchased several bags at a flea market one year. I do admit that I was, however, personally responsible for several of the corks in my collection.

I keep my corks displayed in old glass candy containers on wood shelves in my kitchen, (pictured here.)  Also see this earlier post on things to do with corks.

My cork collection seems to be growing so I decided to use up some of them. I've had this wood tray for several years and thought it would be perfect to fill with corks. I'd never been too crazy about the design painted on the bottom anyway.

My hubby helped me one evening.....this project was a little like a puzzle. The snow outside was deep....what else did we have to do. We laid out our corks in a  2 x 2 design (two up and two down) filling the space perfectly. 

I then glued each one down, one at a time, using Liquid Nails and weighted the entire tray down with books and those glass candy jars. I let it sit overnight.

Here is the completed project:

The tray can lay on a table or it can be hung on a wall. Since the holidays are here,
I'd really like to make more of these and give them as gifts, but I need more corks.............a perfect excuse for more wine drinking.


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